Low current services

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

CCTV and Surveillance system

Our CCTV solutions offer high performance and high security solutions to fit the customer’s regulatory, Compliance and security requirements.

Structured cabling & Labeling

We at NTC really focus on delivering high quality structured cabling & labeling. When Frontline installs the latest structured cabling system, the specialist will keep in mind the ANSI/TIA & ISO/IEC standards for the cable layout and physical installation of the structured cables.

two grey CCTV cameras
two grey CCTV cameras
blue UTP cord
blue UTP cord
white and red sedan on road during daytime
white and red sedan on road during daytime
Physical Security

• Gate Barriers
• Road Blocker
• Tire Killer, Turnstiles
• LPR System
• Under Vehicle Inspection Cameras
• Parking System

Fire Safety System

• Fire Detection & extinguisher
• Public Address Systems
Fiber Linear Heat Detection Systems
• Emergency Evacuation Systems

IP Telephony System

NTC offers IP telephony system is designed to be both versatile and scalable growing business needs of our customers. We offer solutions based on Cisco and Avaya technologies and our experts have years of experience in designing and deploying such solutions.

Smart Access Control System

NTC offers latest cutting-edge technology smart access control system to secure your residential or commercial environment.

• Magnetic access card
• Numeric access system
• Biometric/ fingerprint
• Iris scanner
• Face detection Mechanism